Sunday, July 31

Warrior's Rise by L.J. DeLeon - POSTED

Hey Everyone! This is a review I did for Siren's Song - so they got first dibs on the review! This is a post to remind you that the review is finally here on my website, and now it's up here: Warrior's Rise by L.J. DeLeon

Here's a TEASER of the review:

Book 1 in the Warriors For Light series

Throughout the course of this book I was annoyed, confused, stunned, offended, and I floated. Throughout the course of this review, you will figure out why. I even gave this review a special format so you could skip to the section you wanted to read most! Aren’t I kind? A real quick summary of the book: Deva Morgan was a simple bartender until Padraig comes into her bar, slaughters the demons hunting her, and tells her he’s her protector. She learns she is the Caidh Arm, sent by the Goddess and given lots of powers in order to save Earth from the Demon Lord in the upcoming war. Deva then goes on to fight many battles as she tries to get organized and learn how to control her powers, so she can be an effective leader.

Read on here: Warrior's Rise by L.J. DeLeon
or my Siren's Song review (shorter): Siren's Song: Warrior's Rise by L. J. DeLeon

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