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Barbary Coast – The Love Genie by Pepper Goodrich

So I got the idea to read this erotica from my blogging buddies at Siren's Song Reviews but since I didn't receive the e-book from them for free for the purpose of reviewing this is a wholly-my-own-can-publish-it-when-I-want review. K'thanks.


If I make this review longer than two paragraphs it will be waaay too long compared to the story. This was a fuck book, otherwise known as erotica without any substance. That’s good – if it’s what you’re looking for. This book revolves around Meaghan who caught her ‘virgin’ boyfriend cheating and Chris, who just got dumped by his girlfriend because he doesn’t like commitment. The two of them, each with an ‘itch to scratch’ decide to book ahead and check in at the Love Genie’s hotel-motel because they want some hot sex.

Hot sex then ensues. Lots of it. With light bondage (wrists only) and red silk dresses. In a pirate-ship room. Orgasms AHOY! What an impressive PLANK you have there, Cap'n! That's a fine bit o' BOOTY! Anyone, anyone? What? Pirate jokes are dumb and out-dated? And those weren't even good ones? Damn. I'll stop. I just really like pirate jokes I guess... and there are oh so many of them...

Anyways, It’s an erotica that revolves around a place for two people to fufill their fantasies. For an erotica, it was good but not great. I’ve seen erotica where the characters had a tad more substance and there was a little more development of the plot – and the sex was a little better. This one got a C- for being slightly below average for erotica.


Unfortunately, there was no way to get it on with a stranger. You had to go through all the dating ritual, foreplay bullshit. All he wanted was a whole lot of bootie. Nothing lasting. Just a good lay.

(from the front) Will this relationship walk the plank or will they sail off into the sunset? 

“Sexy”ness rating: Its erotica. They have pirate sex. What do you think the sexyness rating is going to be???

Overall Rating (graded on an erotica scale – not comparable to full length romance novels in any way): C-

Bottom Line: It was amusing, really fast-paced, and a good erotica. Due to the length, there was no real plot-building, suspense, or character-depth. It was a fuck and run – but not a fun one. ;)

Pages: 51
Published: June 20, 2011
Genre: Erotica

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