Saturday, July 21

Where Have You Been?

That is a good question indeed, my dear reader.

I apologize for the trickling off in my reviews over the past year. My senior year of high school, along with my jobs and extracurricular activities, took a lot of time away from my schedule and the only thing that could give was my reviewing and reading time.

But here we are, back again. I'll give you some updates - I've graduated! Yay! I'll be going to college in the fall, publishing my first book (under my real name and it's not a romance so you won't see it advertised on here) in about a month, and working on publishing my first romance in the winter. It'll be cool. Trust me. ;)

Thank you so much for your readership, those of you that do, and I hope to get this blog back up and running with a review or two a week in the near future. Thanks again!