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Review Policy - Not Currently Accepting
If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review your book, please send me an email at I am nearly always interested in reviewing romance books. I will review any romance book - including self-published books, e-books, and ARC copies. If it is an ARC copy, you may specify if you want me to put the review up upon immediately finishing your book, or if you'd like it to be posted the day of/day before your book's release.

The genres I review:
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy
  • Erotica
  • Young Adult
  • Historical
  • Contemporary
  • Western
  • 'Dark' Erotica
If your book does not belong to one of these genres, feel free to email me anyway! I'd love to dabble in a new genre. Reviews will take me less than two weeks to complete, unless I tell you otherwise. Things that can delay reviews: projects and unexpected hours at work.

Please Note: All my book reviews are honest. I cannot promise my review will be a glowing A+,  in fact it might be a Did Not Finish, but it will be honest. I respect my followers and my fellow readers too much to provide dishonest reviews. Any review, even a bad review, gets your name out there. Here are links to A+, C, and DNF reviews:

A+: Midnight's Wild Passion by Anna Campbell + Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan
C: The Unmasking of Lady Loveless by Nicola Cornick + Jennifer's Garden by Dianne Venetta
DNF: The Secret Desires of a Governess by Tiffany Clare + Chasing the Sunset by Barbara Mack

Author Interviews
Getting your name out there is a huge part of being a success in the world of writing. I would love to host an author interview on my blog. Interviews would be upwards of seven questions, with a maximum of fifteen. Questions would be about your writing, books, inspirations, and your journey to becoming a published author.

Guest Posts/Reviews
Fellow Blogger? Sweet!!! I would love for you to do a guest post on my blog! Guest posts can be a great way to spread your name and gain new followers.

Please limit your guest post to one of the following topics:
  • Bookish Things
  •  A Book Review
  • Musings. About Books
This is a book blog. :) Please keep all posts about, or roughly related to, books. Thanks.

Currently, I don't do any giveaways. Being a student, I don't really have the money to spare to buy books to giveaway - much less ship them. However, would you like to do a giveaway on my blog (be it books, ARCs, ebook copies, bookmarks, etc) I would be happy to host it. How would this work? The giveaway would be posted on my blog and I would spread the word on twitter as well. The winners would be picked*, I would send their information on to you, and you could ship the books/goodie stuff. Sorry. That's the best I can do!

*winners picked by

Want to be a Reviewer for Romantic Rose's Bookshelf?

Too bad.

No, seriously. I run this blog all by myself, and I've got a lot of pride in it. It's been a personal blog for a while, and I think - unless it expands to a hideous size - it's gonna have to stay that way.

I would love to help you get your own blog set up, and promote it! I love book blogs, and would definitely follow yours and help you get your name out into the community (I'll do my best, anyway)! I could also help you look for reviewing positions on other blogs - such as Siren's Song Reviews or Romance Reviews Today, where I currently do reviews.

Ciao! Contact me at with questions!