Saturday, July 16

OTR: Your Biggest Fan by Graylin Fox

So this book was given to me as an ARC ebook copy by the ladies at Siren's Song Reviews. I was very excited, and am still very excited, that I got the chance to read this novella because it was thrilling. However:

It was not a romance.
I would not recommend it as an OTR.
It was pretty good, though.

It was not bad. I gave it four stars on Siren's Song - about a B-. However it wasn't a romance, and it wasn't an OTR recommendation - it wasn't of that quality. Therefore, it has no place on this blog. Sorry.

However, for those of you who are just SUCH huge fans of my reviews (oh come'on, there are a couple of you, right? A girl can dream) that you want to read this one, here's the link to the review at Siren's Song: Your Biggest Fan by Graylin Fox

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