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Tender Mercies by Kitty Thomas

Kitty Thomas writes BDSM books with the ‘wow’ factor, and she never fails. I’m eagerly awaiting her September release, Awakening, which is to be a little more toned-down than her usual fare, I’ve heard. Anyways, Tender Mercies was phenomenal and scary. Grace Warner loves the BDSM lifestyle, but she’s tired of playing around with people at the local club. She’s been talking with this super-handsome guy, Lucas, on webcam for a year. He lives on a secluded island that acts as its own country – where women have no legal rights and are legit slaves with no protection via the law. Entranced by BDSM that goes farther than play, Grace finally gets on the plane and travels to the island. There, her torture begins - Lucas is the opposite of charismatic and charming. But despite months of agony and nightmares, Grace is still not completely broken when she’s sold to her new Master – Asher Collins. Asher is rumored to have killed his last slave – what will happen to Grace once she’s in his care?

Asher was incredible. Sweet and sensitive, but still a Master, he does his best to help Grace recover her human identity after her torture with Lucas. He’s very attentive and caring, a true discipliner but not unprincipled. He complimented Grace and together they were a lovely couple. It was like watching a gorgeously choreographed dance – you can’t tear your eyes away from the absolute beauty and you never want it to end. I was enraptured from page 1 to the end. I loved that Grace helped heal him even as he helped heal her. I loved how much he appreciated her for her personality as well as for her submission, and how he didn’t take advantage of her. I loved how protective he was. In fact, I just loved him all together. He was loveable and a great example of how a Master should be focused solely on the needs of his slave, beyond the submission.

The book was filled with Thomas’s signature dark, erotic flair and the BDSM elements with Asher were really well done (the one’s with Lucas were sadistic and creepy, so it’s hard to call them well done even though they were well written). Lucas was definitely an ass, and a sadistic one at that. I wish we’d seen a little more of the Island and its culture and how it worked, but it didn’t detract from the story that we didn’t so I can’t complain. It was just so interesting. The writing, as always, was phenomenal and thrillingly dark. If you like BDSM books in Thomas’s questionable consent style, you’ll like this one. Asher’s treatment of Grace is so sweet and unusual and Grace is such a gorgeous submissive specimen. His kindness and her gratitude, as mentioned previously, are well-matched and make this a must read for any BDSM lover.

Favorite Quote:

master chuckled. “Mine’s bigger than yours. I’ll bet that’s true on multiple subjects.”(Asher to Lucas)

“Sexy”ness rating: *swallows dazedly*

Overall Rating: A

Bottom Line: If you like BDSM books, this is definitely one to pick up. Kitty writes excellent dark erotica, and I would recommend all of her books to any BDSM kink fan.

Pages: 220
Published: May 6, 2011
Genre: BDSM erotica

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