Monday, June 6

Summer Running...

So today I took my first run of the summer (a scary thing, I assure you) and found I wasn't nearly so bad as I thought. I did my standard 'starter' loop of 1.29 miles... in 11 minutes and 20 seconds which is around an 8:41 pace.

My goals for this summer are really rather varied. I'd like to get into shape for XC season this fall (which I may or may not be doing) which means distances of at least 3.2 miles are in order. However I should also like to get farther than that. So here are my goals.

By the end of the summer I would like to be able to:
  • Run at least 6 miles without stopping each week
  • Run a 5K in less than 21 minutes
  • Run a mile in less than 6 minutes, 20 seconds (just one!!!)
  • Take one or two REALLY long runs sometime. Like... ten miles or something outrageous
  • Run at least 5 times a week, no matter what.
Anybody thinking of taking the challenge with me and whipping their body into shape? I'm hoping to get a nice pair of abs to go with my new legs (and some sleek, toned arms could be an added bonus). Of course the added fitness benefits will be nice too.

... Right.

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