Friday, June 17

Friday Following Fun - #1

Hey everyone and welcome to my first Follow Friday post! I just discovered this Feature and Follow Friday host, parajunkee, last week, and wow is this cool. Every week, parajunkee features a book blog, with some information about the blogger and why they started the blog. Then, everyone who's part of the FF system follows that person. There's also a beautiful linky list below that with links to hundrends (literally) of other book blogs. What a wonderful way to get connected to others who share a passion for books and for blogging.


Since I think this is such a cool thing I'll be posting every Friday (or at least all those I remember) with the little blurb parajunkee has provided on the featured author and that week's linky list. So here it goes:

Our Feature - Rhiannon Paille

Once upon a time there was a pretty little girl, she was psychic but she didn't know it yet. Then she met a boy who died of leukemia and she knew. The rest is history.

When she was growing up she read a lot of books and she wrote a lot of stories. She used to eat books for breakfast, and lunch and dinner. She used to read in the fading light of dusk, squinting to see the words until they blurred into inky nothingness. And then she would dream about the boy that died. She imagined an entire life with him that included white roses, lilacs, blue houses and busy streets. She never thought she'd see him again.

And then one day her life turned into an urban fantasy. She could hear people's thoughts, and see the future, and feel people's emotions. She saw ghosts and demons and angels. She saw Ferrymen and she talked to Flames, and didn't know what any of it meant. They told her she was important, that one day she would save lives with her mind. She tried to make it go away because she thought she was crazy.

And then she moved into a blue house on a busy street and fell in love with a man she had dreamed about countless times. She had white roses and lilacs at her wedding. The pretty little girl awakened, she read minds, she fought demons, she saved lives, she helped people find their way in life.

Today she's known as Rhiannon Paille. She reads a lot, and writes a lot of stories. During the day she reads minds, heals people, and fights demons. During the nights she writes about the Ferrymen and the Flame, a boy who follows death and a girl who could destroy the world and their tragic love story. It might get published one day, but that day isn't today.

Her blog is mostly about books, writing, psychic reading, and awesome things happening in the publishing world. She's thought provoking and absurd, she's like a chinese buffet, she's not omnipotent but some people think she is, she's an over qualified over achiever and she thinks Ferrymen are sexy.
The linky list:

Weekly Question (answered by yours truly!): Genre Wars! What's your favorite genre and which book in that genre made it your favorite?

A: Well, I think it's pretty obvious that romance is my genre of choice... but currently I'm going through a huge historical phase. As far as favorite books I have a list provided here: Top Ten Favorite Books. Happy reading!

Book Blogger HopI have also discovered the Crazy For Books Blog Hop (WHOOT WHOOT), so here's their weekly Q and A:

Question: How many books are currently in your To-Be-Read (TBR) pile?

Answer: You know, I do a pretty good job keeping my TBR pile to around 30 books. I go through them pretty fast, although there's always three or four that stay in the pile for a year... or two... if my tastes have changed.

See you next Friday with more Friday Following Fun!


  1. Hi Rose from one romance lover to another! I'm your second follower. How cool is that? Happy Friday!! Hugs, J

  2. Hi Judith!! I'm now your 242nd follower... which I'm sure is much less exciting (although that is a palendromic number, so I suppose that could make it marginally cooler). Thanks so much for popping in to say hi - any favorite romances you'd like to share with me?

  3. Hi Rose! I'm a new follower and am also a romance junkie!
    Here's my Follow Friday

  4. Hey stopping by from follow friday, great choices & great blog! Looking forward to more posts. Have a great weekend. New follower!

    Darcy @ Open Book Empty Cup

  5. I never really could get into historicals for some reason. And everyone is trying to get me to read Highlander books. I do love a good romance though! And I like when the do like steampunk historicals, those are a lot of fun. So I guess I'm just picky about my historicals ;)

  6. Everyone likes something different. :) I actually disliked historicals when I first picked them up a few years back. I pretty much read Alpha-Male Action Contemporaries for about... four years. And then, suddenly, it was too much of a good thing and I switched to historicals with balls and gowns and pretty dancing. Who knows what it'll be next... demons and dragons, perhaps?

  7. Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm now following you back. I too love historicals.


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