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Savor the Danger by Lori Foster

Book 3 in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series

Lori Foster writes another stunner with the third book in her Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series. The characters are well-developed, fun, and sexy. The suspense builds from page one, as does the heat and love between our fantastic hero, Jackson Savor, and our wonderful heroine, Alani Rivers. This book was wonderful from its funny beginning to its HEA ending.

I knew I’d like Jackson after watching him interact with Priss in Trace of Fever (book two in the series). He’s funny, with a bunch of wacky phrases and quirks that make him (is it possible?) even more charming. His character was so completely, utterly believable and so well-developed I felt like he was a real person. I loved how he interacted with Alani – 100% honesty. Honesty about his desire and honesty about his feelings. Honesty about his life and honesty, when he could, about his job. He was sweet, sensitive, and caring despite his sometimes crude charm, and he came through for Alani in all ways. I also loved how he interacted with Trace and Dare – he scowled at their ribbing, but didn’t take major offense. He stood his ground in his pissing contest with Trace to be Alani’s lover (and eventually husband). He was a delicious and yet the best part of his character wasn’t his sexy allure, but his kind, caring, sensitive interior.

For her part, Alani was a perfect fit for Jackson. She wouldn’t let him push her around with his Alpha orders. At one point I even wrote the note ‘You go girl!’ after she stood up to him yet again. I loved her strength and her sass, her spunk and her perk. I loved how she trusted Jackson with her heart and her body, and even though he was her first, she wasn’t at all afraid to tell him what she liked or experiment with him. She was courageous in and out of the bedroom. I loved how she was firm, insistent, and honest as well as strong but smart in the face of danger. No rushing moronically into danger for Alani. She trusted her macho man to handle the threats, and I thought that spoke for her intelligence big time.

The romance was exceptional. In the very beginning, Jackson wakes up with Alani in his bed – and no memory of what happened. There was clearly already a firm bond between the two, demonstrated by Alani’s tender concern later when she finds out. But watching them grow in their love for one another, even as the sexual heat and passion simmered, burst, and exploded, was wonderful and heart-wrenching in a beautiful way. Jackson needed Alani to help him really enjoy life instead of living by routine, never satisfied, and Alani needed Jackson to grow into the strong, sexy woman she was at the end. Jackson’s teasing lent the whole romance a light-heated, sweet, fun edge, but there were still poignant serious moments. I also liked how free he was in touching her, even in front of the protective Trace. I loved how they loved each other – every sexy second of it. 

The suspense and action were well done and had me biting my nails and sitting on the edge of my seat – especially when Arizona... ‘came up’.  I loved ***SPOILER ALERT*** that the way Jackson got drugged was when the female villain, Chandra, took advantage of his kind, considerate nature. I thought that really fit for his character, and it was a testament – once again – to his undeniable kindness. ***END OF SPOILER ALERT*** I would’ve preferred a little less direct explanation from the villain at the end – but it was still a wonderful climactic ending scene. I liked how Jackson handled the danger and I really liked seeing the team in action this time around. In the previous two books, it felt like the hero was doing most of the work alone, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. But in Savor the Danger I enjoyed watching the ‘Studs’ (Jackson, Trace and Dare) work together. It added another element to the story that was well-researched and well-developed. All in all, Foster wrote a wonderful, exciting romance from its light-hearted start to its satisfying ending.

Favorite quotes:

…typical personalities for lethally honed mercenaries. (there are typical personalities for lethally honed mercenaries?)

“Things did happen sort of…fast.”  (Alani)
Dare’s mouth quirked. “Not something Jackson would want you to share, hon.”

“No one thinks you’re an idiot. That’s just dumb.” (Jackson)

 “Sexy”ness rating: Smokin’

Overall Rating: A-

Bottom Line: This book contains a sweet, sassy heroine and a sensitive, caring Alpha hero. Watch out for burned fingers – yeah. The book is that hot.

Pages: 416
Published: June 28, 2011
Genre: Contemporary

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