Thursday, June 30

Book Through Thursday: Size Matters

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly bookish meme! This week's questions are:

1. What’s the largest your personal library has ever been? What’s the greatest number of books you’ve ever owned at one time? (Estimates are fine.)

2. Is your collection NOW the biggest it’s ever been? Or have you down-sized?

3. What’s the fewest number of books you’ve ever owned (not counting your pre-reading years)?

My library is currently at it's biggest - with around 500 books, I'd say - 650 if Kindle books count too. I have three small shelves of books that have grown dusty since I got my Kindle in August of 2010.  Until a few years ago I only borrowed books from the library - so having books of my own is new to me. Back then, when my library was at its smallest, I only had about... 100 books in my room. This year I've been buying up books like crazy (much to the chagrin of my fashionista friends who wonder why I suddenly no longer have any shoe money) and my library has really exploded.

How about you? Comment or leave a link to your book blog with the answer to this weeks Booking Through Thursdays!

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  1. Hopping through. New follower! I don't actually own a huge amount of books (although now that I have to pack them all up, it sure does feel like a lot). I love the library and get basically all my books there.


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