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My Lord Scandal by Emma Wildes

Book 1 in the Notorious Bachelors Series

This book was unique. The hero, Lord Alexander St. James, and heroine, Lady Amelia Hathaway, communicated with each other for the entirety of the book. Whenever an obstacle arose to their love, they discussed it. Whenever one was insecure about something, they discussed it. When they fell in love, they didn’t wait until the end of the book to tell one another. I liked that they were so open and honest - it speaks well for their HEA. They asked one another’s opinions and thoughts. The sensitivity on Alex’s part was astounding. Also, neither felt they weren’t good enough for the other, or that the other would be happier with someone else who was ‘better’ than they were. It was refreshing to see a romance about two reasonable, open, honest adults who just fell in love.

The romantic plot was adorable, but comfortable. Unfortunately, without that angst, the passion was a little less intense. But I liked their romance just because it was soft and sweet and tender. It was like they’d known each other for years, were best friends, and could share everything. It was like the comfort of an old relationship infused into the romance of a new one. I loved it. The secondary romance was adorable too, with Aunt Sophia being another example of a well-written, strong, intelligent female like her neice, Amelia.

The characters were well developed, especially Amelia. You could really feel where she was coming from, what her motives were, why she acted the way she did. There were only a few characters that seemed off to me, and they were minor characters. The plot, unfortunately, was rather boring and not at all suspenseful. The key, the secret affair, the letters, the sapphire necklace… none of it was all that intriguing, so I’m glad that the plot was mostly focused on the romance. Overall, this book was sweet and fun, the characters and scenery pleasant, and the lovemaking sensual.
There was only one thing that really annoyed me throughout the book, enough that I made three notes about it. What is the color of Amelia’s hair? My first note says, ‘is it blond, or amber?’. My second note, ‘okay, blond, dark gold or amber?’. And then finally I gave up and wrote, ‘The color of the hair… such a mystery.’

Favorite quotes:

There was seduced, and there was seduced. Hathaway had apparently done an admirable job of it.

“Even I never ruined the daughter of an earl. I didn’t think you had it in you, little brother.” (John)
“Yes, well, she can be very persuasive,” Alex muttered.

“Fame is nothing but an empty name,” Alex said softly.
“What?” Gabriella looked at him in blank question.
 “It’s a quote,” he said.
 “A what?”
“Quote. From a book. I occasionally read,” he supplied wryly.

“If I flung myself to my knees and pledged my undying love for you now, you possibly might have to help me get back up. That’s hardly romantic, and the blow to my dignity would be immense.” (Richard)

 “Sexy”ness rating: Sweet and tenderly sexy

Overall Rating: B+

Bottom Line: I loved this book. The characters were open and honest, communicating with each other about everything that could be an obstacle to their romance. It was a unique romantic plot, to have two open, honest non-angsty characters – and for that I would recommend this book.

Pages: 336
Published: September 7, 2010  
Genre: Historical

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