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Unleashed by Cherrie Lynn

(not an official series, but look for Rock Me starring Brian!)

Meet Kelsey Peterson and Evan Ross – lawyers working for opposite sides of the courtroom, best friends of ten years, and co-partners in crimes of the sexual nature (really, the noise level is just criminal). Kelsey and Evan have been best friends since college, where Kelsey met (and eventually married) Evan’s best friend Todd. She and Todd weren’t terribly happy together, and one day Kelsey comes home to find Todd and Evan’s fiancée sleeping together. Oops.
So, Evan and Kelsey must now journey through the grief together – through the break-up and the divorce, they linger awkwardly as friends. Evan, however, apparently wants a little more than awkward friendship from Kelsey. What better way to get that than lots of margaritas and a trip to Hawaii? Yes. A trip to Hawaii. Evan’s parents have paid for a honeymoon trip to Hawaii – and since he’s no longer getting married to Courtney (the cheating ex-fiancée) he’s free to give her half of the trip to Kelsey.
What follows? Lots of sun, tears, and especially good… ah… waves. Plenty of hot sex. Like, all the time. But intermingled with the hot hot sex was a lot of emotion. Their closeness was evident. The friendship was clear. I liked that Lynn made the characters seem real – real fears and doubts and thoughts. Things I could identify with as a reader. There were moments when I… felt like… *sniff* I might cry along with Kelsey.
Todd almost comes back and blows it, and Courtney needs to stay out of the way (the classy whore!). But this was a pretty good mix of lust and love. I could feel the emotion burning behind the sexy language. Lynn keeps it sweet and tender, fierce and loving all the way to the end. And Kelsey's best friend, Lisa, is a hoot. A pregnant, emotional hoot.
Favorite quotes:
“I’m a little sore. He said ‘Good morning’ and she said ‘Are you Serious?’” (Kelsey)
‘C-section this time. Can you believe it? By the third, you’d think they could fall out like paratroopers. But noooo. I told Daniel my uterus is officially retired.” (Lisa)
“I mean it, if you want to go to law school, then go, and I will support you all the way. I’ll even throw in free tutoring. Wait until you see my Socratic method, baby.” (Evan)
“Sexy”ness rating: Lots n’ lots o’ hots!!!
Overall Rating: A-
Bottom Line: If you like lots of hot, contemporary-style sex and sweet lovin’ between now-more-than-friends, this is one for you!
Pages: 216 pages
Published: April 21, 2009
Genre: Contemporary

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