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Impostress by Lisa Jackson

Book 1 in the Medieval Trilogy Series
What did I think? This book was adorable! The plot was a little silly, because if you think about it, it never would have worked in real life – but that was part of the books charm. Kiera of Lawenydd (our heroine) has an older sister Elyn, who is set to be married to the neighboring Baron, Kelan of Penbrooke. Kelan is resigned to the marriage – Elyn, however is not. She asks Kiera to stand in for her during the wedding and wedding night (with Kelan too drunk to… perform) so that Elyn can spend one last night with her love – Brock of Oak Crest. Kiera fulfills this obligation, really really grudgingly, because of a 'debt' she owes Elyn for saving her life.

There’s only one problem. After the wedding day is up, Elyn doesn’t return and Kiera is forced to continue to pretend to be her. It’s really amusing, as she digs herself deeper and deeper into the lie (and fall deeper in love with Kelan). We watch her struggle, running this way and that trying to be both Kiera and Elyn. We also get to see her fall in love with her sister’s betrothed, and he fall in love with her, despite all the mistrust in the relationship.

I really detested Elyn in this book. She was irresponsible, and didn’t think of the repercussion for her family and her poor sister. It was hard to admire Kiera, because of her silliness and naivete (I mean a responsible adult would not have continued to be Elyn), but I was still able to enjoy the story. I really found myself liking Kelan, he seemed like a good guy. He was reliable, and he wanted to make the marriage work. He wanted to trust ‘Elyn’. He stood up for her and gave her the benefit of the doubt, and he fell hard and fast from his masculine pedestal. For a bone-head he came around pretty quickly.
I wish there had been another twenty pages at the end, however. It had the capacity to be really beautiful and touching, and instead Jackson just glossed over what could have been the most beautiful moment in the story. But all is well that ends well and the rest of the book was delightfully fun.

Favorite quote:

“Some of us are not so lucky as to have been born with a royal scepter dangling between our legs.” (Morwenna)
“Sexy”ness Rating: Hot Hot Hot!
Overall Rating: B
Bottom Line: Cute and silly and pretty romantic, though a little bit lacking in the deep emotion I like to see. The end was a bit rushed, but it was a wonderful, fun, silly little romp.

Pages: 336
Published: April 1, 2003
Genre: Medieval/Historical

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