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Anticipation by Patrice Michelle

I give Ms. Michelle the award for the most-overused title-cliché in the history of romantic writing. The word 'anticipation' appears so many times in the book, I couldn’t decide if I should laugh, cry, or gag. Also, what was with the goat noises partway through their first sexy scene? The beginning, sure; the end, why not? But right in the middle? I don’t know about you, but goats ruin my mood.
Onto the story itself. Jonas Mendez and Diedre Nelson have loved each other since she left town ten years ago. Diedre moved to the city and hasn’t returned once. However, she has now returned to Ventura to run the small Bed and Breakfast her parents own while they go on vacation. Acts of vandalism against her B+B force her and Sheriff Mendez together – which leads almost immediately to some oh-la-la-bang with a side of cookies (really, I’m serious!). Where the emotional stuff falls a little (a lot) weak in times, the lusty, sexy, unrequited passion mostly makes up for it. Just saying, the scene on the horse - well, there's really nothing to say. It was... mmmmm.... 
The plot falls by the wayside and is sorely underdeveloped, but it serves its purpose of reuniting the characters. It’s a little sad that we don’t get to see them grow to like each other at all, we just get to see them sex each other up. I think it had all the trappings to become a great story but it was lacking a lot of excitement and emotion and it felt a little dull and lackluster to me. Unfortunately, this was a story where it seemed the events reacted to and revolved around the characters, instead of the characters reacting to life's events. Its just that little tilt that makes this story seem a tad off-kilter.
Favorite quotes:
“Sheriff Mendez, I know you just got off, but we need you down at the station ASAP!” (Radio)
“Tell him you haven’t gotten off yet, but when you’re done, you’ll get right back to him.” (Deidre)
“I was sure the moment you said, ‘In another life’.” Jonas froze at her statement. After all these years, she remembered his last words to her. What did that say about her? It says she’s one helluva woman, you jackass, and if you keep her waiting any longer she may just tell you she’d rather wait for you in another life.
“Sexy”ness rating: Hot!
Overall Rating: C+
Bottom Line: If you like sexy cowboys taking their long-lost sweetheart for a ride, grab your saddle and YEE-HAW! Looking for emotion beyond delicious, sexy passion? Seek elsewhere.
Pages: around 100
Published: October 23, 2007
Genre: Western

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