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Led Astray by a Rake by Sara Bennett

Book 1 in The Husband Hunters Club Series

     Olivia Monteith has just been finished (that is she has graduated from finishing school). She is expected to make a good marriage to Mr. Garsed who is a rich, attractive, though obnoxiously stuck up and vain man. However the only man she truly desires is “Wicked Nic” – Lord Dominic Lacey, who vowed to marry her when she was ten. She has loved him ever since he saved her small self from drowning in the stream. They had become good friends until he cut their acquaintance short and she went to school.
     Now she is back, and seeking Nic’s hand in marriage. Yes, miladies, she proposes to him. He says no. She pursues him - adorably, and with unmatched determination. She follows him to places no finished lady would go and he drags her back to where its safe, because he cares about her (even if he won't admit it). He spends a lot of his time being a grouch because he wants her and doesn’t believe he is good enough to have her. She plagues him anyways, because she believes he is good enough - she can see the real him. Normally I get annoyed with heroes that are all emo and constantly mope, but Nic isn’t nearly as annoying as most of those heroes. In fact, its more endearing than irritating with Nic.
     I won’t say too much about the plot – just that it was excellent, suspenseful, and twisted. The characters were fantastic, the romance was the focus of the story, but Bennett led us through an adventure as we explored “Wicked Nic” and his past's secrets. And those secrets were really… ah… surprising, I must say. All in all, the plot was amazing, the characters even better. Olivia was a great break from the usual damsel-in-distress. She was take-charge, bold, witty, and loveable. No wonder Nic found her irresistible!
Favorite quotes:
“The only husband worth having is the husband you hunt yourself.” (Part of The Husband Hunters Club Pledge)
 Miriam stared at her a moment, and then gave a titter, lifting her fan to hide her mouth. “Oh, Lady Lacey,” she said, full of malice, “I’m surprised your husband hasn’t told you.” And she gave Nic a sideways glance for good measure. “Madam Esmeralda is a dressmaker for the demimonde. No respectable woman will go to her. If I were you, I would cancel your order immediately.”
 Olivia’s calm smile didn’t even falter, as Nic couldn’t help but wonder if she had been preparing for this moment. “Well, now I understand, Mrs. Cathcart,” she said.
 “Understand what?” Miriam asked.
“Why she knew you,” Olivia said.
“Sexy”ness rating:  Hot!
Overall Rating: A
Bottom Line: Full of love and understanding and sweet, sweet temptation. This book is for any historical romance lover, and anyone who loves a heroine who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to go get it.
Pages: 373
Published: May 21, 2009
Genre: Historical

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