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A Most Sinful Proposal by Sara Bennett

Book 2 in The Husband Hunters Club Series
     A Most Sinful Proposal was beautifully touching (and I loved the rose on the cover, completely appropriate). It tells the story of a second girl in The Husband Hunters Club, Marissa Rotherhild. She believes herself to be in love with George Kent – and goes to attend a house party of his with her grandmamma (Lady Beverly), only to find that there has been a misunderstanding. There is no house party, and George is nowhere to be found. However his older brother, Lord Valentine Kent, becomes their most ungracious host. He is a solitary man, an expert on roses (which I love), and currently on a quest to find the Crusader’s Rose. While entertaining Lady Beverly and Marissa, he invites them on his quest. And then the romance blooms (pun fully intended).
     I loved the characters in this story because they were so real. You could feel their pain as if it was your own, and you go on the journey with them. Instead of being an observor to their joys and troubles, you are immersed in them – Marissa’s fears, doubts, and love as well as Valentine’s. She doesn’t want to marry a man who has anything to do with botany, because of her parents overwhelming love of the science that left her feeling neglected as a child. He believes himself a beast because of his bitch of a first wife whose presence runs like poison in his memory. Lady Beverly and George are adorable supporting characters – and I only wish we’d seen a little more of Lady Beverly. She was an adorable old lady who really brought the story together and helped abate Marissa’s fears and doubts surrounding her love for Valentine.
     The plot was good, thick, and suspenseful. Each time we believed we were about to discover the rose, we didn’t. Each time we believed we were going to be confronted by the villainous Baron, Bennett let the suspense build and then fall back, keeping us on edge. It was a great plot – almost too great because it kept me from focusing on the romance all the time. And there was a little too much creepiness and violence surrounding the villain and his madman schemes, for my taste at least. He was really a sketch-ball and I was glad to be rid of him, though the way he died disturbed me a little. Anyways, great book, excellent characters, a little darkness in the plot, but overall a fantastic read!
Favorite quotes:
“Would you pay the ransom to get me back?” (George)
“No,” Valentine replied shortly.
“Thank you,” he said, his voice deep and husky. “For making me the most fortunate of men.”
“Babies cry, Valentine, and children can be noisy. And naughty-” (Marissa)
He laughed, “I know; I was both.”
“Sexy”ness rating: Hot!
Overall Rating: A-
Bottom Line: If you don’t mind a little violence in the plot (NOT the hero towards the heroine) and you love a deep, soul-stirring, emotional romance this is a good one for you. It’s a beautiful story of the doubts and fears that shape people – and how they overcome them together, with love.
Pages: 367
Published: March 27, 2010
Genre: Historical

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