Thursday, September 8


Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by and being faithful readers/followers. I have some important news to tell you. In the next 10 months, I will not have dropped off the face of the earth. In fact, you will see some occasional posts, author interviews, and reviews. However, as the title of this post suggests, I am going back to school. This is high school, for all of you who are confused.

This year I will be challenging myself far beyond anything I've ever done. I will continue reviewing, if I can, for The Season, RRT, and Sirens Song. I will be stage managing shows at my school. I will be working a job. I will be taking 6 Advanced Placement (AP) classes. In general, I'm going to (shortly) begin working my very tiny ass off. Clearly, the number of reviews will decline significantly if not disappear altogether. I may not be able to update my blog more than once a month, or twice. I will keep all prior commitments that I made to people, but I will not be accepting new challenges. As of today, reviews, guest blogging, and author interviews that I am not already committed to, are done.

What does this mean for you - a reader of my blog? This means that, from now til June, you might need to look elsewhere for consistent reviews. I will likely be updating frequently during the four school breaks that I have (Thanksgiving, Christmas, President's Week, Spring Break) but other than that I've got WAY more that I need to do, and this blog falls at the low end of my priority list FOR THIS YEAR. However, this blog is very important to me, and reading will always be very important to me. This blog is on my low-priority short-term list, but on my high-priority long-term list. After this June, I plan to make this blog one of the more important things in my life. Unfortunately, my obsessive school plans were already in place before I started this blog and therefore they have to come first. Obviously my job and college will come first too. But this blog will come before many other things in my life once high school is over.

I'm very excited for the time when I can really start working on this blog and promoting it the way I want too, and I'm sad that I can't do that this year. I've truly enjoyed blogging actively for the past summer months, and I'm upset that I have to let it go. But it won't be for long, and I hope you will all stick around for my return to glory next summer when school is finally over and a new chapter of my life begins.

Thank you for your readership.

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