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When You Dare by Lori Foster

Book 1 in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series

First, I am a HUGE Lori Foster fan. I own almost every book she's written. I started buying her books when I was twelve (Truth or Dare was my very first adult romance). I am enraptured with  almost all her writings. So it comes to no surprise that I liked this book a lot. I’m a big fan of Foster’s style (especially her SBC Fighters series), and this book (with our delicious Dare Macintosh) was no exception from her excellent writing.

Our heroine, Molly Alexander, has been kidnapped to Tijuana, Mexico and has just been rescued by Dare (he was on a mission to rescue another kidnapped woman and rescued Molly while he was at it). After determining that her kidnapping was not at all random, he vows to keep her safe and help her heal. The plot was a very typical Foster plot – danger, excitement, suspense, a crazed villain that hits close to home, a sexy and very capable hero who takes the villain down … she always writes it very well. The plot I had no exception to, it was enjoyable, fast-paced, and a nail-bitter to the finish.

 On top of a great plot, the characters (supporting like Chris as well as primary) were excellent as well. Molly was the strongest Foster heroine yet, and she always writes really independent heroines. Her strength was incredible, unmatched, and yet still realistic. She was a beautiful woman, confident and sure of herself. I also loved, LOVED that Molly was a romantic suspense writer. Some reviews I’ve read say they hate how much Foster’s own voice shines through so clearly in this one (for an example see the first quote below). Personally, I thought it was entertaining, creative, and unique. Her personal opinion was clearly infused into the book as were some of her personal experiences as a writer. I thought her absolute knowledge on the subject of writing really enhanced the book – but that’s just me.

Our hero, Dare, is sexy as sin and deliciously tempting. He was everything a good contemporary hero should be (and everything a Lori Foster hero always is) along with a kind of lethal danger and quiet sensitivity. Foster likes to write action, and she’s good at it. Dare is capable of handling dangerous situation when bullets are flying and blood is flowing. I found Dare to be exceptionally sexy in his protection of Molly and his ability to focus in tough situations. I would have liked to see more of his past, we didn't get enough background for Dare.

There was only one thing about Dare’s personality I didn’t like. He seemed, at times, a little too violent. The lines ‘I’d go back and kill them again’ (not a direct quote, but something similar) were written several times throughout the book and during the climax Dare has to restrain himself from killing a man who is virtually defenseless. While I understand the sexy-factor of being lethal and capable, the violence and lack of regret for murder (even if the individuals were really nasty) made me a bit uneasy. A little remorse or pause about taking a life would be nice - as it was he was way too blase about it. But other than that one complaint, Dare was fabulous, smoldering, and tender. I think the tenderness is really what did me in.

If you need yet more convincing to read this book, check out the video here: Yum.

 Favorite quotes (it was hard to only pick three):

She immediately went defensive. “Life has sex in it, and I write about life, about people who face hardships and in the end triumph through it all. And really good triumph deserves a lasting love, don’t you think?” Before he could answer, she said, “Of course it does. And any lasting love has to have really hot, wonderful sex.”

“That’s, uh, the second time you’ve kissed me.” (Molly)
His gaze went back to her mouth, his voice deepened. “I can count.” 

“Chris is gay.” (Dare)
“Gay?” Mystified, she stared at him. “But you’re not…?”
Dare gave her a look. “Are you actually asking me that? Because I thought I’d made my sexual preferences pretty clear already.”

 “Sexy”ness rating: Hotter than Hades (and more sinful too)

 Overall Rating: B+

Bottom Line: I always advocate reading Lori Foster if you’re a contemporary fan – and this book is absolutely no exception. Great characters, an intriguing plot and a suspenseful race to the finish (with some smoldering sex too) this book was an excellent read overall.

Pages: 448 pages
Published: April 13, 2011
Genre: Contemporary

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