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His Majesty, the Prince of Toads by Delle Jacobs

I love those stories where the husband must pursue his wife - but I generally prefer that he do so well. Although it was a fun courtship, it was very hard to feel the love blossoming on either side. I admit myself to being confused as to when our hero, Lucas Deverall’s, affections turned from being money-motivated to being love-motivated. I found it rather difficult to understand Sophie Deverall, our heroine, for most of the book because her back story wasn’t explained until the end - and by then I was more annoyed, less interested. Also, as a side note, the back story was not the best I’ve seen written – especially because Sophie believes her actions could have changed the outcome of an entire war, which is really just silly. Delusional? It seems so.

There were, however, some adorable scenes where the love was very clear and exceptionally beautiful – like when they went ice skating, or when Lucas promises to take her home – that redeemed this book some. Lucas was an ass throughout most of the book, which I detested, and Sophie was too scared or too love-torn to fight for herself, it seemed. After reading so many strong heroines, I found it difficult to understand her. If she wanted to escape so badly, I should think she would be able to manage it. Lucas’s misconceptions are entirely selfish and I found myself hating him for half the book while he stubbornly tried to tell himself that his wife was an evil, manipulative bitch, as he tried to manipulate her for her money. Yes, really.

The plot was focused solely on the couple which I rather liked, seeing as they needed all the face-time they could get to repair their relationship. Some people who like hunky heroes might be a bit put out by Lucas’s injury, but it’s really not a major part of the story and it doesn’t detract from his handsomeness. It also serves an important role in evoking Sophie’s pity and then love for Lucas (which I wasn’t sure was a good thing – love through pity?). While Sophie and Lucas argued a lot, their banter could’ve and should've been more humorous, and that’s why this book is just barely above average for me. I love fire between my lovers, but I like to laugh at it. All in all, what is there to say other than the book was pretty average. Yeah.

 Favorite quotes:

“I asked you to make love to me nearly an hour ago. What is taking you so long?” (Sophie)

“Miss you? I noticed you were gone.” (Sophie) 

“Where are you going?” Sophie demanded.
“The library,” he [Lucas] responded in a ridiculously giddy tone. “Lady Carstairs has some new paintings I have not seen.”
“I’ve seen them.” She yanked futilely against his grip.
“Wonderful. Then you can tell me about them.”

 “Sexy”ness rating: Sweet and spicy!!!

Overall Rating: C

Bottom Line: It was a good book with a lovable (though sometimes sour) hero and a cute heroine.

Pages: 280
Published: March 29, 2010
Genre: Historical

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