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Four Play by Shelli Stevens

(In my mind it goes Brett, Cedric, Kyle from left to right. How about for you?)

Kinks included: Guy on Guy (anal and oral), Guy on Guy on Girl on Guy (anal, oral, and straight up, and yes I mean all at the same time)
This, my dear friends, is a fuck-book, plain and simple. Oh, sure, the author tries to include some emotional depth through insecurities and fears… but she fails. Epically. The characters are mostly flat, with little distinguishable differences between the guys (Kyle, Brett and Cedric) which is unfortunate. I really wish the author had spent some more time with her characters to familiarize herself with them because I felt as if they were could have been unique but couldn’t quite manage to work their differences onto the paper. It was sad, because I think each of the male characters, including the quasi-villain Alberts, had potential to be dynamic. But none of them quite made it to the finish line. Actually, I’m pretty sure they keeled over before they were halfway there.
It’s also weird that the ‘planet’ and ‘time’ are both completely undefined in all ways. I felt like I was plopped into the middle of someone’s life with no bearings as to when, where, or who. We heard no stories (other than those of an apparently sexual hunting experience between the boys, and naked swims as children) of Mikayla’s past friendship with the three men. Which is odd because she grew up with them so their shared past should be mentioned a few times (in a non-sexual). I felt rather lost and bumbling, like I was wandering around the pages with no direction – no clear beginning or purpose. And the entire emotional change (a pathetic, insecure one, I might add) in Mikayla takes place within a day – most women need a little more time than that. It was unrealistic.
“Is there even enough room on the bed?” I thought during one of the scenes. The descriptions made me feel like the encounter was crowded. Another thing was the impossibility of some of the positions described being at all comfortable. And the top two things that should be assured in every unconventional more-than-two-people romance are that there’s enough space for everyone (no one feels crowded in or out), and that everyone is comfortable. In this regard, Stevens failed miserably.
Um… least favorite thing? Kyle’s use of the pet name ‘kitten’. I mean, really? It’s just sounds weird and sketchy and utterly creepy. I really dislike the use of this name, for anyone, anytime. There are certain pet names that are okay – baby, sweetheart, honey. They can even be endearing. But kitten, cuddlekins, or sweetcheeks… those are all big on the NO NO NO list. Find something that doesn’t sound so stupid next time, Stevens.
Favorite Quote: (or in this case, least favorite)

 “It’s time.” - Yeah, time for the most cliché line of all time.
“Sexy”ness rating: If this is what you like: Hot. If you don’t go for Gay/Bi then this is a Turn OFF book for you – don’t read it.
Overall Rating:  F (as far as characters, plot, etc. No personal preference for the kind of kinkiness has been factored in)
Bottom Line: If you don’t like guy on guy, don’t read this book. It’s got some well-written m/m scenes, but for many of us that isn’t a turn on. If that IS your thing, by all means, snatch this book up.
Pages: about 85
Published: January 13, 2010
Genre: Futuristic/SciFi

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