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Enjoying the Show by Marie Harte

I admit, I’m really not a fan of love-at-first-sight novellas. I’ve never been a big believer in it. However, I am happy to say that this love-at-first-sight novella had me sighing in contentment. I was quite pleased with it. The male character was confident without being overwhelmingly arrogant or overbearing. It was a nice change from the annoyingly perfect, completely in control, real-tough-male material I see a lot these days. He acted like a real, normal human – especially around his family. It made the story seem real to me, instead of a fairy tale. The characters also have a mini-fight and a mini-make-up, making it seem all the more believable.
Our heroine, Hailey Jennison, first spots construction worker Gage Warren (aka Mr. Tool) out her friend’s apartment window. His curtains are open and he’s wonderfully attractive, sinful, soulful, and… naked? Yes, my fellow readers, Gage Andrew Warren parades around his house in his birthday suit with the curtains open. Anyone can see him. Hailey does. And she tells her friends who gather at the apartment every Friday night to hang. They now have a new activity to add to their list of Friday night activities for the next few months – watching for Mr. Tool and his… hammer. He does not disappoint.
Finally, one day, Mr. Tool catches them staring and confronts Hailey after practically dragging her (the Neanderthal!) upstairs to his apartment. He coerces a dinner from her. They greet, eat, and their privates meet – quite explosively, I might add. The sensual scenes, if you like quick, passionate lovin’, are well-written and frequent. The characters are consistent and true to themselves. It’s, overall, a really good story of love at first sight developing into a relationship.

The only bad comes at the beginning. Indeed, Gage comes off as a bit of a stalker. While staring at her breasts and forcing her to go on a date with him (the alternative being jail), he talks about how he knows her name, where she lives (she recently moved to a cottage), etc. when they've never met before. And it’s creepy. Really, downright creep. Luckily, he doesn’t remain a creep but becomes a rather endearing, loveable guy who can’t cook but is happy to help clean the dishes. Endearing? I thought so. After so many unhelpful, arrogant, contemptible male romance characters who wouldn’t do the dishes if their life depended on it (a**holes!), he was a fun and comfortable break.

Some favorite quotes:
“What I wouldn’t give to be his bar of soap,” (Amy, a friend)

And she’d been doing so well. She’d spent a good twenty minutes with him without thinking about sex… much.

“You wanted a show? Well you’ve earned yourself a front-row seat.” (Gage)
“Sexy”ness rating: Lots n lots of hots! (possible kink alert: oral)
Overall Rating: B
Bottom Line: If you like good, fast fun or love-at-first-sight stories here’s a quickie for you!
Pages: around 110
Published: December 4, 2007
Genre: Contemporary

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