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The Boys Next Door by Sierra Dafoe

Kinks include: Sex with two brothers at the same time (no anal, but there is oral)
If you like double trouble, this book is it – you’ve got one familiar, comfortable, boyish younger brother (Tommy Ambinder) in competition with his dark, equally handsome, brooding older brother (Judah Ambinder) for their teenage sweetheart and childhood best friend Annie Parson. Dafoe combines Tommy’s sweet, fun loving with Judah’s darker lust for a ‘supreme blend’ of light and dark. Judah with Tommy is like coffee with creamer.
The characters are fleshed out well by trips down memory lane that give this novella more dynamic, real characters than most accomplish. Dafoe also manages to keep the jealousy between the brothers at believable levels – the brothers begin the book as opponents, fighting over her, and even when they decide to share some of the jealousy  still remains. This is, indeed, a positive thing because it’s consistent with the characters. There’s little I hate more than characters that change completely to fit the situation based on the outcome the author wants. For instance, a pyromaniac who suddenly is scared by fire just so she can be rescued by the oh-so-scrumptious firefighter (that does NOT happen in this book). Dafoe relieved me of my worries and kept her characters consistently human throughout the book.
The bad? Annie Parson waits twenty years to come back to town after she runs away at seventeen. Making her thirty-seven, Judah closing in on forty-one, and Tommy thirty-seven – a little too old for this kind of teenage-reminiscent romance. The time frame of this book really is ridiculous. Nobody comes back after twenty years just to ‘check things out’. It’s not realistic – she might’ve come back after five, maybe, or ten. But twenty… that’s more than half her lifetime. If you were too scared to go back for twenty entire years, doubtless it hasn’t changed now. Also, if you’ve been away from someone for twenty years, you don’t fall quite so easily back into the same routine – you aren’t the same people. You don’t look the same, or have the same habits. Again, maybe after five or even ten years, but not after twenty. It didn’t make sense and it nagged at me how easily Annie fell back into the boys’ arms – or they into hers.
Also, if you’re a fan of witty dialogue and humor, this book is not, I repeat NOT for you. This novella is intensely focused on the feelings reawakened within Annie, Tommy, and Judah, and there’s no time for humor with the passion they’re feeling. That was a bit of a let down. Finally… ‘mons’? The dreaded ‘m’ word? Why, Dafoe? Why must you torture me so?
Favorite Quote:
Oh jeepers.
“Sexy”ness rating: Hot
Overall Rating: C
Bottom Line: If you like brothers doubling up for a girl, the innocent romance of teenage years, or novellas with dynamic characters, here’s one little 90 page number for you!
Pages: Around 90
Published: October 24, 2010
Genre: Western

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